ROM Stock Flyme cho Meizu M8c

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ROM Stock Flyme cho Meizu M8c

ROM Stock Flyme cho Meizu M8c, Flyme, phòng treo logo, các lỗi lặt vặt, …v fix virus

Download ROM Stock Flyme OS Meizu M8c:

Change log:

  • Solved the high power usage issue when on standby;
  • Fixed bug — crash down when playing video files;
  • bug Fixed  — when the sound card is unplugged, tap the play button and playing music fails;
  • Fixed — when set the multi-task cards to display in vertical layout, the icon for freeing up memory is missed on the multi-task interface;
  • bug  Fixed bug — fails to make the emergency call 104 on the PIN or lock screen interface;•
  • Fixed bug — fails to make the emergency call 199/191/192 when on the PIN or lock screen interface, or when the phone is with no SIM card;
  • bug Fixed — in the professional mode of the camera, set exposure time to 1 second or longer, there is a several-second time lag when the countdown shutter ended;
  • Fixed bug — in the professional mode of the camera, set exposure time to 8 seconds and tap to shoot; then set the exposure time to any length and tap to shoot, the camera app crashes;
  • Fixed bug — when smart network switch is enabled, it cannot switch the unavailable AP to the available AP automatically;
  • Fixed bug — when the phone language is Turkish or Azerbaijani and there is no photo in gallery, take a photo and view it, then a flashback to camera interface occurs;
  • Fixed bug — when taking photos by the front camera of Snapchat, the preview interface is all in green;
  • Optimized system stability;
  • Fixed bug — when Smartfren card is plugged, “2G only” option appears in the network mode;
  • Fixed bug — when dual cards enabled, set Intertelecom as the secondary card and then set it back to the main card, network connection fails;
  • Updated languages.

Lưu ý chung khi flash rom:
– Backup dữ liệu trước khi flash.
– Đối với máy bị mã bảo vệ, nên hạn chế việc flash full.
– Đối với máy Trung Quốc, tuy cùng model nhưng có thể có nhiều mã , nhiều ver khách nhau, nên read file trước khi flash để hạn chế rủi ro. . . .

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